Genova Piazza Principe Train Station hotels in Genoa

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  1. Hotel Agnello D'oro

    3 180 m from Genova Piazza Principe Train Station
    Vico Delle Monachette 6, Genoa Map
    The Hotel Agnello D'Oro is found in Genoa in an excellent location close to Porta Principe station (100m), a short distance from the major sites of the historic city centre. An ideal location for business trips or leisurely vacations, the hotel provides...
    180 m
    Excellent 8.6/10
    49 Reviews
  2. Hotel Bellevue

    3 90 m
    Salita della Provvidenza, Genoa Map
    The Hotel Bellevue is found in a central location just 50 metres away from Principe Station, 200 metres away from the harbour station and 6km away from the airport. The hotel is only a short walk from the aquarium and the old port and 15 minutes on fo...
    90 m
    Very good 8.1/10
    Very good
    189 Reviews
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    Hotel Armonia

    2 480 m
    Via A. Gramsci 13, Genoa Map
    Hotel Armonia is situated in the heart of Genoa, within the centre of the Porto Antico district. This friendly, reserved hotel has been completely refurbished to blend modern comforts with the classic historic city centre - the largest in Europe. Guests...
    480 m
    Good 7.5/10
    6 Reviews
  4. Hotel Helvetia

    3 660 m
    Piazza Della Nunziata 1, Genoa Map
    The Hotel Helvetia is located in Genoa in an old building dating back to 1585, in the historic Piazza della Nunziata. Welcoming and comfortable, the hotel offers rooms that are completely renovated with high quality facilities in line with 3-star standar...
    660 m
    Very good 8.3/10
    Very good
    57 Reviews
  5. Albergo Acquaverde

    2 220 m
    Via Balbi 29, Genoa Map
    The Acquaverde Hotel is situated in the historic centre of Genova, a short distance from the P.Principe train station and spread across the top four floors of an elegant late 17th century building which was once the family home of well to do, Genovese mer...
    220 m
    Very good 8.2/10
    Very good
    49 Reviews
  6. Best Western Hotel Porto Antico

    3 760 m
    Via Pontecalvi 5, Genoa Map
    The Best Western Hotel Porto Antico of Genova is found in an excellent location close to the major sites of the city and to the famous Acquarium. It is also very well connected to the main commercial and tourist areas of the city. An ideal location for...
    760 m
    Exceptional 9.6/10
    139 Reviews
  7. Balbi Family Hotel

    2 260 m
    Via Balbi 21/3, Genoa Map
    The Balbi Family Hotel is located in Genoa in a historic building decorated with beautiful frescoes. It is excellently located on the extremely central Via Balbi (that recently became property of UNESCO). The Aquarium and the Children’s City (la Città...
    260 m
    Very good 8/10
    Very good
    81 Reviews
  8. Hotel Veronese

    3 830 m
    vico Cicala 3, Genoa Map
    Hotel Veronese is a welcoming 3-star hotel located in the historic centre of town, 50 metres away from the famous aquarium in Genoa. The hotel has 19 rooms, a TV lounge, a breakfast room, a bar and a garage. Services offered include night reception ser...
    830 m
    Excellent 8.6/10
    138 Reviews
  9. Best Western City Hotel

    4 1.37 km
    via San Sebastiano 6, Genoa Map
    The City Hotel Genova is found in an excellent location close to the main points of interest in the city: the historic centre, Palazzo Ducale, the Carlo Felice Theatre and the museums on Via Garibaldi are located just a few minutes away along with the spl...
    1.37 km
    Wonderful 9.4/10
    56 Reviews
  10. Best Western Metropoli

    3 1.30 km
    Piazza Fontane Marose, Genoa Map
    The Best Western Hotel Metropoli is an enchanting 3 star hotel situated in Genoa near the famous Via Garibaldi and the ancient Via Aurelia which is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Recently restructured, the hotel is opposite one of the most...
    1.30 km
    Exceptional 9.5/10
    37 Reviews
  11. Hotel Assarotti

    2 1.76 km
    via Assarotti 40/C, Genoa Map
    The Hotel Assarotti is located in the heart of Genoa and is open all year round. It easily meets any needs that guests may have and offers excellent value for money. Guests can make use of the private car park or parking garage available upon request...
    1.76 km
    Very good 8.4/10
    Very good
    92 Reviews
  12. Actor Hotel

    3 1.50 km
    Via Goito 20, Genoa Map
    The Actor Hotel was opened in August, 2008, and is located in one of the finest areas of Genoa, just a short distance from the main tourist sites and theatres of the city. Elegant and welcoming, the Actor Hotel is the ideal place to stay in town, whether...
    1.50 km
    Wonderful 9.2/10
    84 Reviews
  13. Locanda di Palazzo Cicala

    4 1.21 km
    Piazza San Lorenzo, Genoa Map
    The Locanda di Palazzo Cicala is the first Boutique Hotel in Genoa and is located in the lively and elegant historic centre among shops of artisan goods, art galleries and a myriad of restaurants and cafés. The hotel combines the harmony of minimalist d...
    1.21 km
    Very good 8.4/10
    Very good
    56 Reviews
  14. Marina Place Resort

    4 6.50 km
    Via Pionieri E Aviatori D'italia 129, Sestri Ponente Map
    The Marina Place Resort is found in Genoa directly on the sea just a short distance from the airport and 2km from the motorway exit. The hotel is in a convenient location and was recently built. It provides an elegant and comfortable environment, ideal...
    6.50 km
    Wonderful 9.4/10
    12 Reviews

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