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  1. Horse Country Resort Congress & Spa

    Strada A Mare 24 27, Arborea Mapa
    The Horse Country Resort Congress & Spa is located in Arborea surrounded by a historic pine forest directly on the sea on the western coast of Sardinia. Located just a short distance from the beaches with fine, white sand, this resort is the ideal place...
    2.59 km od centrum
    Dobry 7.3/10
    15 Opinie
  2. Aquae Sinis Albergo Diffuso

    3 18.21 km od Arborea
    Via C.battisti 44, Cabras Mapa
    The Aquae Sinis Albergo Diffuso Hotel was conceived with the idea of preserving the existing buildings in the commune of Cabras including the 17th century buildings that form part of the complex. The hotel's location means guests are within easy reach of...
    18.21 km od centrum
    Wyjątkowy 9.8/10
    3 Opinie
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