Hoteli Monteroni Di Lecce

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  1. Hotel Mediterraneo

    3 18.00 km od Monteroni Di Lecce
    Via Sant'isidoro 119, Porto Cesareo Mapa
    The Hotel Mediterraneo is a lovely 3-star hotel found in Porto Cesareo in the heart of Salento just a short distance from the city centre. Ideal for a relaxing holiday at the sea and for exploring the fascinating tourist attractions of Salento, such as t...
    18.00 km od centrum
    Wyjątkowy 10/10
    3 Opinie
  2. Borgoterra

    22.95 km
    Via Chiesa 7, Martano Mapa
    Borgoterra is located in the historic centre of Martano and has origins as complex of buildings dating back to the XV – XVII centuries, currently restored and transformed into 8 welcoming vacation residences. It's excellent location is an ideal place fro...
    22.95 km od centrum
    Fantastyczny 8.8/10
    7 Opinie
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