Hotele Lotnisko Tito Minniti w San Pietro Di Caridà

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    É Hotel

    4 4.49 km od Lotnisko Tito Minniti
    Via Giunchi 6, Reggio Di Calabria Mapa
    É Hotel is found in the centre of Reggio Calabria and is located directly on the beach with a breathtaking view of the strait. This beautiful location is the ideal place to spend a relaxing summer vacation, to explore the Calabrian coast, or to use as a...
    4.49 km
    Fantastyczny 8.8/10
    11 Opinie
  2. La Residenza Hotel Residence

    4 15.43 km
    Via Xvii Luglio 115, Messina Mapa
    The Residenza Hotel Residence is located in the heart of Messina in a lovely historic building close to the most famous theatres, the exhibition centre and the main services found in the city centre. Ideal for short or long stays, it provides comfortable...
    15.43 km
    Dobry 7.8/10
    28 Opinie
  3. Altafiumara Resort

    6 18.89 km
    Loc. Santa Trada, Cannitello Mapa
    Altafiumara Resort & Spa is surrounded by a spacious park measuring 10 hectares in the beautiful countryside of Costa Viola between Villa San Giovanni and Scilla. Found in a renovated 18th century Bourbon fortress, the resort provides comfortable accomm...
    18.89 km
    Dobry 7/10
    3 Opinie
  4. Villa Morgana

    3 21.29 km
    via Consolare Pompea 1965, Ganzirri Mapa
    The Villa Morgana Hotel is located on the edge of the Strait of Messina between Scilla and Cariddi next to the Ganzirri lakes. Found in a convenient location close to the beaches of the Tyrrhenian sea and the Ionic sea, it is only 8km away from the centr...
    21.29 km
    Znakomity 9.2/10
    13 Opinie
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  6. Ten hotel ma TARIFFE PRIVATE Klubu InItalia!

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