Hotele Terme Di Recoaro w Recoaro Terme

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  1. Hotel Cristina

    2 19.78 km od Terme Di Recoaro
    Via Piazza 45, San Rocco di Piegara Mapa
    Hotel Cristina is located in San Rocco di Piegara (Roverè Veronese) at about 600 metres above sea level and just 20 km from Verona, surrounded by the splendid countryside full of vineyards and olive groves that meets the first rolling meadows of Lessinia....
    19.78 km
    Bardzo dobry 8.1/10
    Bardzo dobry
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  2. Hotel Polsa

    3 23.60 km
    Piazza Polsa 1, Polsa Di Brentonico Mapa
    The Hotel Polsa is found in the main square in the town of Polsa, and is an ideal place to spend a memorable vacation surrounded by the mountains and the snow. The beautiful scenery of Altopiano del Brentonico and the nearby ski slopes and facilities ens...
    23.60 km
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  3. Hotel Dolomiti

    3 23.45 km
    Montebaldo, Polsa Di Brentonico Mapa
    The Hotel Dolomiti is located in La Polsa, on the plateau of Brentonico next to Monte Baldo, which separates Lake Garda from the Valley of Adige. Located directly on the ski slopes, the hotel is in an excellent position only 16km away from Rovereto, and...
    23.45 km
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