Hotéis Terminillo/Terminillo a Rieti

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  1. Hotel Cavour

    4 11.43 km de Terminillo/Terminillo
    Piazza Cavour 10, Rieti Mapa
    The Hotel Cavour is found in a peaceful location on the banks of the Velino river, on the edge of the historic centre of Rieti. Recently renovated, it provides guests with the utmost peace and quiet in an atmosphere that is modern and welcoming. From th...
    11.43 km
    Excepcional 9.7/10
    15 Comentários
  2. Hotel della Fonte

    3 18.70 km
    Piazza Roma 5, Greccio Mapa
    The Hotel della Fonte is found in the mediaeval village of Greccio in upper Lazio just a short distance from the cities of Rieti and Rome. Located in a historic 15th century building, this hotel maintains the timeless fascination and mystic atmosphere of...
    18.70 km
    Excepcional 9.7/10
    21 Comentários
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