Acquapark Ippocampo hotels in Manfredonia

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  1. Hotel Gabbiano

    3 11.97 km from Acquapark Ippocampo
    Viale Eunostides 20, Siponto Map
    Hotel Gabbiano is a welcoming Superior 3 star hotel situated in the seaside resort of Siponto, a short distance from Manfredonia. The hotel's suggestive location, a short walk from the beach makes it the perfect choice for relaxing holidays in the enchan...
    11.97 km
    0 Reviews
    0 Reviews
  2. Palace Hotel San Michele

    4 22.72 km
    Via Madonna Degli Angeli, Monte Sant'Angelo Map
    San Michele Palace Hotel is a historic 20th century building located in Monte Sant’Angelo within the highest park-garden in Apulia (840 meters above sea level) along the Sacra Longobardorum road. Recently renovated, the hotel is completely immersed in na...
    22.72 km
    Excellent 8.9/10
    30 Reviews
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