About us

InItalia.it Srl has been one of the leading companies in the Italian hotel reservation industry since 1997.

InItalia offers clients a wide range of accommodation, including luxury hotels, business hotels, leisure hotels, bed & breakfast hotels, residences, and farmhouses. This extensive selection allows InItalia to meet all the accommodation needs of our clients with competitive rates and high quality services.

The Company
The InItalia.it Srl hotel reservation centre was opened in 1997 with a multi-lingual Call Centre connected to the online catalogue found at www.initalia.it

Since 2002, InItalia has made online reservations available and has continuously updated the website to its current version, unique in its category: simplified catalogue consultation for hoteliers, a simple, fast and secure reservation procedure, management software that can be used in complete autonomy by hoteliers, an automated accounts and invoicing system, integrated message systems (mail, fax, sms), an advanced geolocation system with an interactive map, and an affiliate programme to create an efficient sales network.

InItalia also owns the websites www.giraitalia.it (a website about events and exhibitions throughout Italy) and www.isolelipari.it (a website dedicated to the Aeolian Islands).

The legally registered office of InItalia is located at 2/100 Via Eugenio Vaina - 20122 Milano (MI) – Italia

Fax: +39 (0)2 26.10.236
Email: [email protected]
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Initalia has a separate headquarters in Pisa which is dedicated to software development for the portal and online promotions.

The Team
InItalia is constantly growing with a staff of skilled professionals specialising in the tourism industry operating under the supervision of the first-rate management team that founded the company.

The staff of InItalia includes dedicated professionals working on website maintenance and client assistance. This young, energetic and professional team has years of experience in the tourism sector and has continuously worked closely with our clients and affiliated hoteliers.

The Mission
InItalia is striving to become the number one hotel reservation centre in Italy, with a widespread network of hotels across the country, while providing the high quality service typical of Italians that has made the Made in Italy label famous around the world.

The Vision
To succeed in our mission, InItalia puts clients first, and is constantly striving to meet any needs they may have, providing efficient, friendly, and high quality service.
InItalia has therefore built a multilingual, easy-to-navigate website that boasts competitive prices, hotels that can be booked in real time with just a few clicks, and a Call Centre to assist our clients during the booking process.

Clients can book accommodation anywhere in Italy at competitive prices, choosing from a wide range of hotels that provide high quality services to meet the needs of different clients travelling on business, leisure, those seeking luxurious accommodation, or hotels suitable for families.

Why Book With InItalia.it?

Quick and Simple
The website www.initalia.it is easy to navigate: with just a few clicks, clients can find and book the hotel most suited to their needs in an ideal location.

Maximum Security
Our booking system adheres to the highest standards of security and privacy: personal information and the credit card numbers of our clients are encrypted to ensure complete privacy, and the information with which we are provided is never given to third parties.
For additional information, please consult our Privacy Section

Free Service With No Additional Costs
InItalia's booking service is free for guests with no additional costs whatsoever: guests pay for the room directly in the hotel and the cost will never be higher than if they had booked directly with the hotel.

Impartial Guest Reviews
Clients booking with InItalia can read reviews written by previous guests of that hotel. This service provides clients with an unbiased opinion, allowing them to make an informed decision when choosing their accommodation.