Siena Airport hotels in Sovicille

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  1. Residence Arianna

    2.16 km from Siena Airport
    via Tom Benetollo, Rosia Map
    The Residence Arianna is recently constructed accommodation structure that is located in a splendid panoramic position of Rosia (Sovicille), a short distance from Siena and her attractions. Ideal for a vacation to discover the distinctiveness as well a...
    2.16 km
    Exceptional 10/10
    11 Reviews
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    Hotel Ai Tufi

    3 8.20 km
    Str. Massetana Romana 68, Siena Map
    Hotel Ai Tufi, is situated in a 19th century, completely restructured farmhouse nestled in the Siena countryside, 800 metres from the city walls and Porti Tufi. The hotel's convenient location guarantees guests easy access to the city of Siena and the sur...
    8.20 km
    Wonderful 9.1/10
    17 Reviews
  3. Castel Pietraio

    3 14.76 km
    Strada Di Strove 33, Monteriggioni Map
    Castel Pietraio è situato a Monteriggioni a pochi chilometri da Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra, Pienza e da altre città d’arte della Toscana. Importante testimonianza di avamposto difensivo senese, la struttura si rivolge a coloro che desiderano trascorr...
    14.76 km
    Wonderful 9/10
    3 Reviews
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    Fullino Nero RTA

    3 9.90 km
    Strada Petriccio E Belriguardo 168, Siena Map
    Fullino Nero RTA is located 3km away from Siena nestled among the hills, olive trees and cypress trees that surround the city in the lush greenery of Mount Maggio and the Siena hillside. Just a short distance away from the historic Via Francigena, it i...
    9.90 km
    Wonderful 9.4/10
    15 Reviews
  5. Fonte Dei Tufi

    8.56 km
    Strada dei Tufi 61, Siena Map
    Il B & B Fonte dei Tufi è una struttura accogliente e confortevole, ricavata da un antico casolare toscano, situata in posizione favorevolissima al centro storico della città di Siena. Ha poche camere, molto luminose e spaziose, ben arredate e dotate di...
    8.56 km
    Very good 8/10
    Very good
    3 Reviews
  6. Romantik Hotel Monteriggioni

    4 14.94 km
    Via I Maggio, Monteriggioni Map
    The Romantik Hotel Monteriggioni is found in Monteriggioni in charming 13th century walls. The attentive restoration of this historic architectural style, along with the simple, elegant furnishings, provides the warm atmosphere of a private home equippe...
    14.94 km
    Exceptional 10/10
    7 Reviews
  7. Albergo Minerva

    3 10.17 km
    via Garibaldi 72, Siena Map
    Hotel Minerva is located in the old town of Siena, 10 minutes from Piazza del Campo and 500 metres from the train station, with a beautiful panoramic view of the city. The motorway exit is located just a short distance from the hotel, making it easy for...
    10.17 km
    Wonderful 9.1/10
    143 Reviews
  8. Villa Piccola Siena

    3 9.22 km
    Viale Pietriccio E Belriguardo, Siena Map
    The Hotel Villa Piccola Siena is located in Siena in the heart of Tuscany. This hotel consists of a 19th century building that has been expertly renovated and is an ideal base from which to reach the historic city centre with the famous Piazza del Campo,...
    9.22 km
    Excellent 8.5/10
    58 Reviews
  9. Albergo Chiusarelli

    3 9.63 km
    Viale Curtatone 15, Siena Map
    The Chiusarelli Hotel, a symbol of hospitality in Siena since 1870. The hotel is situated within a Neo-classic style building in front of San Domenico Church, just a stone’s throw from Piazza del Campo. Completely restructured in 2004, the hotels origina...
    9.63 km
    Wonderful 9.2/10
    51 Reviews
  10. Hotel Antica Torre

    3 9.95 km
    Via Di Fieravecchia 7, Siena Map
    The Hotel Antica Torre is found in Siena in the heart of Tuscany in a 16th century tower. Located in the city centre, this hotel is just a five minute walk from the famous Piazza del Campo, the shops and restaurants. Ideal for a relaxing holiday in the...
    9.95 km
    Excellent 8.8/10
    23 Reviews
  11. Soggiorno Lo Stellino

    10.44 km
    Via Fiorentina 95/97, Siena Map
    Soggiorno Lo Stellino is a welcoming hotel in Siena only 2km away from the charming historic centre close to the expressway and the railway station. Ideal for a pleasant vacation in the beautiful city of Palio, Soggiorno Lo Stellino provides an elegant a...
    10.44 km
    Very good 8.4/10
    Very good
    24 Reviews
  12. Sangallo Park Hotel

    3 10.90 km
    Strada di Vico Alto 2, Siena Map
    Sangallo Park Hotel has a lovely panoramic view over the Vico Alto hillside, just outside the historic city of Siena. Nestled in ample parkland, San Gallo Park Hotel is easily reachable from the Siena Nord exit off the Siena - Firenza highway, with excell...
    10.90 km
    Excellent 8.7/10
    51 Reviews
  13. L'Aia Country Holidays

    10.70 km
    Via Uopini 11, Monteriggioni Map
    Aia Country Holidays is a charming resort found in Monteriggioni, just a short distance away from Siena and the characteristic villages of the surrounding area. Nestled among the green hilltops of Chianti, this typical Tuscan country resort is surrounded...
    10.70 km
    Excellent 8.9/10
    10 Reviews
  14. Antica Fonte Residenza di Siena

    9.85 km
    Strada Petriccio E Belriguardo 164, Siena Map
    The Hotel Antica Fonte is found in Siena in a hilly area close to the city walls. The hotel reflects the style of Tuscan country houses, and some of the apartments have been renovated according to the original lines, the Antica Fonte apartments, found...
    9.85 km
    0 Reviews
    0 Reviews

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