Milazzo Train Station hotels

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  1. Hotel San Michele

    4 2.62 km from Milazzo Train Station
    Via Colonnello Francesco Magistri 65, Milazzo Map
    Inaugurato nel 2011, L'hotel San Michele è una struttura moderna ed al contempo elegante e confortevole, situata in posizione favorevole nel centro di Milazzo a 200 metri dal porto di imbarco per le isole Eolie. A disposizione degli ospiti vi è anche...
    2.62 km
    Exceptional 10/10
    7 Reviews
  2. La Bussola

    4 2.38 km
    Via Nino Bixio 11/12, Milazzo Map
    The Hotel La Bussola is found in the Bay of Levante di Milazzo in a convenient location close to the port, the transit centre for connections to the charming Aeolian islands. Recently renovated, the hotel has 26 guest rooms, a restaurant, a lounge bar,...
    2.38 km
    Very good 8.4/10
    Very good
    8 Reviews
  3. Hotel Medici

    3 3.14 km
    Via Giacomo Medici 81, Milazzo Map
    The Hotel Medici is found in the centre of Milazzo along the main road just a short distance from the museums, the restaurants, the shops and the beautiful beaches in the area. Ideal for a relaxing holiday at the sea, this hotel is located in the heart o...
    3.14 km
    Exceptional 9.6/10
    16 Reviews
  4. Hotel Riviera Lido

    3 3.90 km
    Contrada Corrie - Strada Panoramica, Milazzo Map
    Hotel Riviera Lido is located in Milazzo on the irregular coast of the Mamertine Peninsula, in a wonderful scenario directly facing the sea. Located in a quiet and panoramic position, this Riviera Lido offers the modern comfort of the 3 star hotel, with...
    3.90 km
    Excellent 8.9/10
    24 Reviews
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    Hotel Garibaldi

    3 3.71 km
    Via Lungomare Garibaldi 160, Milazzo Map
    Hotel Garibaldi is located in Milazzo, an enchanting town on the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily; rich in charm, tradition and culture. The hotel is situated in a renovated period building in the characteristic Vaccarella neighbourhood, characterised by a bea...
    3.71 km
    Wonderful 9/10
    106 Reviews
  6. Cirucco Village

    3 3.90 km
    Strada Panoramica, Milazzo Map
    The Cirucco Village is located on the bay of Cirucco on the promontory of Cape Milazzo, in a convenient location close to the Aeolian Islands. Surrounded by a charming historic olive grove that overlooks the sea, it is an ideal location for meetings or l...
    3.90 km
    Excellent 8.8/10
    15 Reviews
  7. Albergo Esperia

    3 5.11 km
    Via Tono, Milazzo Map
    The Albergo Esperia is found in Milazzo on the beautiful Tono beach just a short distance away from the city centre. The hotel was named after its location on the Ponente Riviera and provides guests with access to a beautiful fully equipped beach, making...
    5.11 km
    Exceptional 10/10
    7 Reviews
  8. This hotel has PRIVATE InItalia Club Rates!

    Sait Hotel

    3 13.58 km
    via Nazionale 309, Terme Vigliatore Map
    The Sait Hotel is a modern hotel that is located in the centre of Terme Vigliatore, between Milazzo and Tindari, a mere 1500 metres from the sea, a short distance from the Portorosa tourist pier, 40 km from Messina, and 80 km from Taormina. The structur...
    13.58 km
    Very good 8.4/10
    Very good
    8 Reviews
  9. Hotel Il Gabbiano Beach

    3 11.19 km
    Via Marchesana 4, Terme Vigliatore Map
    Hotel Il Gabbiano Beach is situated in Terme Vigliatore, on Marchesana beach, at the centre of the large bay between Tindari and Milazzo. Hotel Il Gabbiano Beach is a medium size hotel which always guarantees a friendly atmosphere, making it the perfect...
    11.19 km
    Good 7.9/10
    7 Reviews

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