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  1. Hotel Terme

    3 16.67 km from Museo Dell'Arte Cucinaria
    Via Delle Terme 4, Vittorio Veneto Map
    Nel cuore di Vittorio Veneto a cavallo dei due poli storici della città e non lontano dalla stazione si trova l'Hotel Terme. Realizzato negli anni '70, su disegno di un noto architetto, è stato recentemente ristrutturato per rinnovare e riportare in aug...
    16.67 km
    0 Reviews
    0 Reviews
  2. Hotel Prata Verde

    3 16.88 km
    via De Carli 42, Prata di Pordenone Map
    The Hotel Prata Verde is found in Prata di Pordenone in the heart of Friuli just 30 minutes from Venice and Trieste. An ideal base from which to reach Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, this hotel is found in a perfect location in an area rich in natural bea...
    16.88 km
    Excellent 8.9/10
    56 Reviews
  3. Hotel Villa Maternini

    3 22.84 km
    Via Pier Antonio Mutti 7, Vazzola Map
    The Villa Maternini Hotel is situated in Vazzola in the heart of the Veneto region, a few kilometres from Treviso and the important towns in the area. The Villa was constructed in the seventeenth century and offers a friendly, elegant atmosphere characte...
    22.84 km
    Exceptional 10/10
    4 Reviews
  4. Hotel Ristorante Primavera

    3 13.34 km
    Via Roma 104, Godega Di Sant'urbano Map
    The Hotel Ristorante Primavera is found in Godega di Sant'Urbano, in the province of Treviso in the centre of Le Tre Venezie. This hotel was built in 1968 and was originally a snack bar/restaurant; it was later expanded and made into a hotel/restaurant,...
    13.34 km
    Exceptional 9.5/10
    11 Reviews
  5. Agriturismo Villa Toderini

    18.88 km
    via Roma 4/A, Codognè Map
    Agriturismo Villa Toderini emerged from the transformation of an old farmhouse in to a traditional, 18th century, characteristic country hotel. The building was once the property of the noble Toderini de Gajardis family, suppliers of prestigious material...
    18.88 km
    Exceptional 9.9/10
    17 Reviews
  6. Eurohotel Palace Maniago

    4 22.29 km
    Viale della Vittoria 3, Maniago Map
    The Eurohotel Palace Maniago is a luxurious superior 4-star hotel that is immersed in a historic park next to the city centre. Ideal for a holiday of complete tranquillity and relaxation, the hotel provides refined and discreet hospitality (both for th...
    22.29 km
    Excellent 8.6/10
    12 Reviews
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