Stadio Comunale hotels in Fano

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  1. Hotel Vittoria

    6 12.17 km from Stadio Comunale
    Piazzale Libertà 2, Pesaro Map
    The Hotel Vittoria, an historic Villa of Pesaro that was turned into a hotel in 1908, is located in a strategic position with respect to the city centre and its closeness to the sea. Completely renovated in 1999-2000, the hotel is known for its refined...
    12.17 km
    Exceptional 9.6/10
    20 Reviews
  2. Hotel Savoy

    4 12.14 km
    Viale Repubblica 22, Pesaro Map
    The Hotel Savoy is situated in a privileged and tranquil location of Pesaro, a short distance from the sea on a principal street of the city. The structure offers a high quality level of service and comfort that is able to guarantee a complete wellbein...
    12.14 km
    Wonderful 9.1/10
    41 Reviews
  3. Alexander Museum Palace

    4 10.99 km
    Via Trieste 20, Pesaro Map
    The Alexander Museum Palace hotel is a genuine work of art, spread over 9 floors, offering 63 exceptional rooms, all of which have been decorated by 75 artists that worked for 4 years to complete them, whilst a further 25 created works of art which are fe...
    10.99 km
    Excellent 8.9/10
    17 Reviews

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