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The website is a 100% safe site. Data exchanged with your computer is transmitted in an encrypted format using restricted, safe and protected communication channels enabling us to guarantee the absolute privacy and integrity of the data transmitted.
Interception, modification and/or falsification of data by third parties is prevented thanks to the techniques used.

InItalia holds a certificate issued by GeoTrust: this is a digital document that guarantees the trustworthiness of the company that manages the site ( Srl) and enables data to be transmitted in an encrypted format in compliance with the highest security standards.
GeoTrust is one of the most important certifying authorities for secure Internet transmission: it supplies security systems and guarantees the absolute trustworthiness of the company that manages the website (in this case Srl).

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All confidential data transmissions (e.g. credit card information) that take place on our website use the https secure protocol. Data transmissions are executed via a secure, encrypted channel between your computer and InItalia’s system. When you view the booking pages of our website, a closed lock will appear on the upper or lower bar of your browser. This image indicates that data is transmitted using a secure method and there is no risk of the data being intercepted.