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  1. Hotel Rossini Al Teatro

    4 13.34 km od Laigueglia
    Piazza Rossini 14, Imperia Mapa
    Hotel Rossini Al Teatro is a very modern 4-star hotel located in Imperia, on the site where the old and famous Teatro Rossini theatre once stood. The surroundings are elegant and comfortable with ample areas for relaxation and facilities that will satis...
    13.34 km od centrum
    Znakomity 9.4/10
    78 Opinie
  2. Loano2Village

    4 18.67 km
    via degli Alpini 6, Loano Mapa
    Loano 2 Village is the only tourist resort in Liguria, located around 1km away from the sea and the centre of Loano, which is connected to the resort by a free shuttle service. Completely surrounded by lush greenery, the resort offers a wide range of acc...
    18.67 km od centrum
    Fantastyczny 8.6/10
    51 Opinie
  3. Residence Hotel Edy

    3 17.44 km
    Via Poggi 91, Imperia Mapa
    The Residence Hotel Edy is found in a sunny, panoramic location just 500m from the sea in Borgo Prino (Imperia). With 10 independent apartments, this hotel is able to offer comfortable accommodation to couples, families or groups of friends travelling to...
    17.44 km od centrum
    Znakomity 9.4/10
    8 Opinie
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  5. Ten hotel ma TARIFFE PRIVATE Klubu InItalia!

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