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  1. Hotel Prata Verde

    3 8.20 km od Pordenone
    via De Carli 42, Prata di Pordenone Mapa
    Hotel Prata Verde zloklalizowany jest w miejscowości Prata di Pordenone, leżącej w samym centrum regionu Friuli, i w odległości zaledwie 30 minutowej jazdy samochodem od Wenecji i Triestu. Obiekt szczyci się atrakcyjną lokalizacją na obszarze obfitującym...
    8.20 km od centrum
    Fantastyczny 8.9/10
    56 Opinie
  2. Antico Borgo Torricella

    4 16.57 km
    SP21 5, Località Torricella Mapa
    Antico Borgo Torricella Hotel & Wellness is located within a building that dates back to the 1700's in the Friuli countryside in San Vito al Tagliamento, conveniently located near Pordenone, Udine, Trieste, Venice, Belluno and the splendid Dolomite mounta...
    16.57 km od centrum
    Wyjątkowy 9.9/10
    8 Opinie
  3. Hotel Al Posta

    3 15.79 km
    Via Valvasone 12, Casarsa Della Delizia Mapa
    The Hotel Al Posta is found in the centre of Casarsa della Delizia only 250m away from the railway station. Found in what was once an historic inn for horsemen, this building has been expertly renovated to maintain the fascination of the original archite...
    15.79 km od centrum
    Fantastyczny 8.8/10
    26 Opinie
  4. Hotel Ristorante Primavera

    3 19.05 km
    Via Roma 104, Godega Di Sant'urbano Mapa
    The Hotel Ristorante Primavera is found in Godega di Sant'Urbano, in the province of Treviso in the centre of Le Tre Venezie. This hotel was built in 1968 and was originally a snack bar/restaurant; it was later expanded and made into a hotel/restaurant,...
    19.05 km od centrum
    Wyjątkowy 9.5/10
    11 Opinie
  5. Hotel Patriarca

    3 17.25 km
    via Pascatti 6, San Vito al Tagliamento Mapa
    Hotel Patriarca is a modern 3-star superior hotel located right in the centre of San Vito al Tagliamento (PN), a pretty town of Medieval origin in lower Pordenon. The hotel has 28 rooms and a suite, is finely furnished and is equipped with every comfo...
    17.25 km od centrum
    Znakomity 9.2/10
    25 Opinie
  6. Hotel Villa Maternini

    3 24.44 km
    Via Pier Antonio Mutti 7, Vazzola Mapa
    The Villa Maternini Hotel is situated in Vazzola in the heart of the Veneto region, a few kilometres from Treviso and the important towns in the area. The Villa was constructed in the seventeenth century and offers a friendly, elegant atmosphere characte...
    24.44 km od centrum
    Wyjątkowy 10/10
    4 Opinie
  7. Hotel Sporting

    3 14.95 km
    Via Aldo Moro 60, Casarsa Della Delizia Mapa
    Sporting Hotel is an elegant hotel complex in a favourable location along the provincial highway connecting Udine with Pordenone. The atmosphere is cozy, refined and elegant and the many services offered allow guests to use their free time in the best w...
    14.95 km od centrum
    Fantastyczny 8.5/10
    24 Opinie
  8. Eurohotel Palace Maniago

    4 23.24 km
    Viale della Vittoria 3, Maniago Mapa
    The Eurohotel Palace Maniago is a luxurious superior 4-star hotel that is immersed in a historic park next to the city centre. Ideal for a holiday of complete tranquillity and relaxation, the hotel provides refined and discreet hospitality (both for th...
    23.24 km od centrum
    Fantastyczny 8.6/10
    12 Opinie
  9. Agriturismo Villa Toderini

    19.80 km
    via Roma 4/A, Codognè Mapa
    Agriturismo Villa Toderini emerged from the transformation of an old farmhouse in to a traditional, 18th century, characteristic country hotel. The building was once the property of the noble Toderini de Gajardis family, suppliers of prestigious material...
    19.80 km od centrum
    Wyjątkowy 9.9/10
    17 Opinie
  10. Więcej Propozycji
    Ten hotel ma TARIFFE PRIVATE Klubu InItalia!
  11. Hotel Terme

    3 27.23 km
    Via Delle Terme 4, Vittorio Veneto Mapa
    27.23 km od centrum
    0 Opinie
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