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  1. Castello di Pavone

    4 18.52 km from Cavaglià
    Via Dietro Castello, Pavone Canavese Map
    The Castello di Pavone is an elegant fortress that was built at the end of the IX century in the medieval village of Pavone Canavese. Expertly restored after years of decay by the work of Alfredo d’Andrade (beginning in 1885), the impressive walls still...
    18.52 km from centre
    Exceptional 9.6/10
    27 Reviews
  2. Hotel Sirio

    3 18.51 km
    Via Largo Sirio 85, Ivrea Map
    The Hotel Sirio is found on beautiful Lake Sirio and is the ideal choice for a relaxing holiday enjoying nature and delicious cuisine. In a convenient location between Turin and Milan in Verde Canavese, it is also an excellent base from which to explore...
    18.51 km from centre
    Exceptional 9.7/10
    13 Reviews
  3. Hotel Erbaluce

    3 19.77 km
    Via Nuova Circonvallazione 1, Caluso Map
    Hotel Erbaluce is situated in Canavese a Caluso, the city famous for its wine and grapes used to produce the famous Erbaluce D.O.C.G. Recently built, the hotel is completely immersed in green countryside and presents the perfect choice for a holiday dedi...
    19.77 km from centre
    Exceptional 9.5/10
    19 Reviews
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  5. Dama Hotel

    3 99.96 km
    Via Circonvallazione 10, Fossano Map
    99.96 km from centre
    0 Reviews
    0 Reviews
  6. Albergo Ciocca

    3 41.75 km
    Piazza Dante Alighieri 10, Castelnuovo Don Bosco Map
    41.75 km from centre
    0 Reviews
    0 Reviews
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