Nazione Di Damanhur hotels in Baldissero Canavese

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  1. Hotel Rivarolo

    4 9.08 km from Nazione Di Damanhur
    Corso Indipendenza 76, Rivarolo Canavese Map
    The Hotel Rivarolo is found in a shopping centre in Rivarolo Canavese, just a short distance away from the historic centre. The hotel is modern and elegant and has a unique pencil box shape, having once been a factory. Surrounded by nature, the hotel is...
    9.08 km
    Exceptional 9.6/10
    14 Reviews
  2. Castello di Pavone

    4 8.90 km
    Via Dietro Castello, Pavone Canavese Map
    The Castello di Pavone is an elegant fortress that was built at the end of the IX century in the medieval village of Pavone Canavese. Expertly restored after years of decay by the work of Alfredo d’Andrade (beginning in 1885), the impressive walls still...
    8.90 km
    Exceptional 9.6/10
    28 Reviews
  3. Best Western Plus Hotel Le Rondini

    3 22.35 km
    Via Parrocchia 5/B, San Francesco Al Campo Map
    Le Rondini hotel is located in the town of San Francesco al Campo, favorably located in relation to the International airport of Torino - Caselle and the A55 - Tangenziale Nord-RA10 motorway junction, about 21 km from the center of Turin. Created by the...
    22.35 km
    Exceptional 9.7/10
    24 Reviews
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