Palermo Centrale Train Station hotels

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  1. Hotel del Centro

    3 320 m from Palermo Centrale Train Station
    Via Roma 72, Palermo Map
    The Hotel del Centro is found in the historic centre of Palermo close to the most important monuments, such as the Cattedrale, the Teatro Massimo and the Market of Vucciria. This excellent location makes it easy for guests to reach Palermo Central Stat...
    320 m
    Wonderful 9.1/10
    21 Reviews
  2. Hotel Alessandra

    2 390 m
    Via Divisi 99, Palermo Map
    Hotel Alessandra is situated in the historic centre of Palermo, a short distance from Palermo Centrale train station, the city's principal monuments and 10 minutes walk from the port. Hotel Alessandra is located on the second floor of Palazzo Balsamo, a...
    390 m
    Very good 8.4/10
    Very good
    21 Reviews
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    Hotel Palazzo Sitano

    4 840 m
    Via Vittorio Emanuele 114, Palermo Map
    The Falkensteiner Hotel Palazzo Sitano is an elegant hotel situated in the heart of Palermo, the perfect choice for business trips and holidays to discover this magnificent Sicilian city. Situated within a building which dates back to the 18th century,...
    840 m
    Excellent 8.9/10
    21 Reviews
  4. Hotel Cortese

    2 680 m
    Via Scarparelli 16, Palermo Map
    The Hotel Cortese is found in the heart of the historic centre of Palermo just a short distance from the main points of historic and artistic interest in the city. This hotel is found in an 18th century building and is the perfect place to spend a relaxi...
    680 m
    Excellent 8.5/10
    47 Reviews
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    Erica Verso

    2 940 m
    Via Del Celso 31, Palermo Map
    The Hotel Columbia is located in the centre of Palermo, only 100m away from the lovely Teatro Massimo, the Quattro Canti and the Fontana Pretoria, among the characteristic markets of Ballarò and Vucciria. Recently renovated, it provides guests with a fri...
    940 m
    Very good 8.4/10
    Very good
    35 Reviews
  6. Hotel Plaza Opera

    4 2.00 km
    Via Nicolò Gallo 2, Palermo Map
    The Plaza Opéra Hotel is situated in the heart of Palermo, amidst an abundance of cultural centers, shopping venues, restaurants and wine bars, just a stone’s throw from the very central Viale della Libertà and the Politeama Theatre. The hotel’s location...
    2.00 km
    Wonderful 9.3/10
    21 Reviews
  7. Hotel Principe di Villafranca

    4 2.33 km
    Via Turrisi Colonna 4, Palermo Map
    The Hotel Principe di Villafranca has been completely renovated and is found in the heart of Palermo, in a modern, eclectic neighbourhood where major fashion houses are located next to the finance and business centres. Crossing the threshold, tourists o...
    2.33 km
    0 Reviews
    0 Reviews
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    Hotel Tonic

    3 1.64 km
    Via Mariano Stabile 126, Palermo Map
    Hotel Tonic is located in the historic centre of Palermo in an early 20th century Art Nouveau building close to the Teatro Massimo and the Teatro Politeama. Recently renovated and cared for down to the last detail, the hotel offers an elegant environment...
    1.64 km
    Wonderful 9.3/10
    50 Reviews
  9. Ibis Styles Palermo President

    4 2.08 km
    via Francesco Crispi 228, Palermo Map
    The Ibis Styles Palermo is found in Palermo in a lovely panoramic location, just 50 metres from the sea terminal and close to the city centre. Recently renovated, the hotel is characterised by its elegant and refined surroundings, convenient facilities...
    2.08 km
    Very good 8.1/10
    Very good
    186 Reviews
  10. Hotel Elite

    3 1.63 km
    via Mariano Stabile 136, Palermo Map
    Hotel Elite is in a modern building in the heart of the city of Palermo, just a short walk away from the old town and the most important monuments. Fully renovated in 2002, it has 20 rooms with bathroom and offers a laundry service, garage parking, ag...
    1.63 km
    Very good 8.4/10
    Very good
    49 Reviews
  11. Hotel Villa D'amato

    3 2.91 km
    Via Messina Marine 178/180, Palermo Map
    A pochi passi dallo storico litorale palermitano, dove insistono luoghi ricchi di significato come il Porticciolo di Sant’Erasmo e di ricordi come le spiagge dove vivevano un tempo i Bagni Virzì e Petrucci, nelle vicinanze del Museo del Mare e dello stori...
    2.91 km
    0 Reviews
    0 Reviews
  12. Saracen Sands Hotel & Congress Centre - Palermo

    4 13.82 km
    Via Libertà 128, Isola Delle Femmine Map
    Situato in una meravigliosa posizione geofrafica, a soli 8 km dall'Aeroporto “Falcone e Borsellino”, il Saracen Sands Hotel & Congress Centre - Palermo si estende su un'area di 6 ettari fino a raggiungere un arenile di sabbia bianca in località Isole del...
    13.82 km
    0 Reviews
    0 Reviews

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