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  1. Villa Diana

    Via Edwin Hunziker 1, Lipari Isole Eolie Mapa
    Villa Diana is an elegant hotel found in Lipari only 400m away from the main road and around 1km away from the ports and the ocean. Inaugurated in 1950 after the renovation and expansion of an Aeolian house, the Villa was founded by the Swiss painter Edw...
    280 m od centrum
    Wyjątkowy 9.6/10
    26 Opinie
  2. Hotel Tritone

    via Mendolita, Lipari Isole Eolie Mapa
    Hotel Tritone is located in Lipari, one of the seven pearls of the Mediterranean, completely surrounded by 800 square metres of gardens and equipped with every comfort and facility necessary for a pleasant and relaxing holiday. The hotel has 39 guest ro...
    270 m od centrum
    Wyjątkowy 9.5/10
    9 Opinie
  3. Hotel Oriente

    via Marconi 35, Lipari Isole Eolie Mapa
    The Hotel Oriente is found in Lipari surrounded by the beautiful Aeolian Islands in a central and peaceful location in the archaeological park of the Diana quarter, 50m away from the main road and 300m away from the port. Equipped with every comfort, i...
    200 m od centrum
    Fantastyczny 8.9/10
    53 Opinie
  4. Hotel Bougainville

    Via Balestrieri, Lipari Mapa
    The Hotel Bougainville, a newly built hotel in Lipari, is located in an excellent position, close to the historical centre, the commercial port and the spectacular Marina Lunga Bay. Surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with typical plants of the Med...
    1.17 km od centrum
    Znakomity 9.4/10
    12 Opinie
  5. Residence Hotel Baia Portinenti

    Via Porto Delle Genti, Lipari Mapa
    Il Residence Hotel Baia Portinenti is located just a short distance from the beach, 250m from the historic centre of Lipari. Elegant and refined, this hotel offers a friendly atmosphere and high quality comforts to ensure the complete relaxation of guest...
    450 m od centrum
    0 Opinie
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  6. Augustus Hotel Villa

    Vico Ausonia 16, Lipari Mapa
    Augustus Hotel Villa znajduje się w starym dworku, który przekształcono w hotel w 1950 roku. Usytuowany jest 100 m. od portu i mniej niż 3 km od białych plaż Cave di Pomice i Ossidiana, oblanych cudownie krystalicznym morzem. Położony w pobliżu muzeum...
    640 m od centrum
    Fantastyczny 8.5/10
    19 Opinie
  7. Ten hotel ma TARIFFE PRIVATE Klubu InItalia!

    Orsa Maggiore

    Porto Ponente, Vulcano Mapa
    Orsa Maggiore Hotel is located in the charming Vulcano Island (north of Sicily), close to the black sand beach. Cosy and inviting, the hotel welcomes its guests into a relaxing and friendly environment, providing attentive service to ensure a relaxing st...
    5.58 km od centrum
    Fantastyczny 8.5/10
    17 Opinie
  8. Hotel Amarea

    Via Cesare Battisti, Canneto Mapa
    The Hotel Amarea is found on the island of Lipari in the charming town of Canneto, conveniently located close to the beautiful beaches, the town centre, the main shopping roads, the bars and restaurants, and the port. Guests are welcomed by our friendl...
    2.95 km od centrum
    Bardzo dobry 8/10
    Bardzo dobry
    5 Opinie
  9. Residence Albergo Mendolita

    via G.Rizzo, Lipari Isole Eolie Mapa
    Residence Mendolita is located 100 metres away from the centre of Lipari and 300 metres away from Portinente beach. It is composed of 18 small, Aeolian style villas. The apartments (one or two-rooms) can sleep up to 6 people and have a small garden, a cov...
    220 m od centrum
    Fantastyczny 8.5/10
    11 Opinie
  10. Vulcano Blu Residence

    Ville Di Levante, Vulcano Mapa
    The Residence Vulcano Blu is found on the sea in the town of Vulcanello on the island of Vulcano just 800m from the famous beach with black sand and 1,300m from the shopping centre and natural mud baths. The residence has access to a private beach, ideal...
    4.84 km od centrum
    Przyjemny 6.4/10
    7 Opinie
  11. Hotel Cutimare

    Via Mazzini, Acquacalda di Lipari Mapa
    L'Hotel Cutimare è situato nel paesino di Acquacalda, in una tranquilla zona di Lipari che si estende interamente su una spiaggia selvaggia e incontaminata. Soluzione ideale per le vacanze in famiglia, la struttura dispone di camere dotate di tutti i com...
    6.15 km od centrum
    Fantastyczny 8.6/10
    4 Opinie
  12. Holiday House In Vulcano

    Villaggio Lentia H13, Villaggio Lentia Mapa
    Holiday House In Vulcano is situated in Vulcano, one of the splendid Aeolian Islands, a short distance from the sea, in the exclusive Lentia residential area. Surrounded by pine, eucalyptus and fig trees, Holiday House offers a splendid view over the Aeo...
    6.27 km od centrum
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  13. Il Delfino

    3 11.10 km od Lipari
    Via Marina Garibaldi 5, Lingua Mapa
    The B&B Il Delfino is found on the charming island of Salina in the heart of the Aeolian archipelago overlooking the Lingua promenade, a picturesque beach town in the municipality of Santa Maria Salina. An ideal location from which to explore the near...
    11.10 km od centrum
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